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Lisa & Bruce Paul

Hi Friends! 

I am truly passionate when it comes to creating the perfect event for my clients!  With decades of designing and delivering countless  private and corporate events, I've learned what makes an event outstanding, or just mediocre.

 While it's true that a beautiful venue, perfect weather, a great turn-out, delicious cuisine, professional wait-staff, and good entertainment makes clients happy, there are always "those" guests who feel compelled to share their "what could have been better" opinions. 

From a grumpy grandpa, finicky eater, to a hard-to-please boss, Entertaining Events believes that each and every guest matters and contributes to the overall success of your event.


Would you believe that, "guests begin to stress far before the event occurs"?  Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the host to communicate and share important details of an event,  many guests, wonder, worry or forget about the parking, proper attire, weather, seating arrangements, event start and end times, directions and more. 

Even if the event details are shared by the client or host, they can be easily  lost in a sea of paper and electronic reminders, invitations, tickets and save-the-dates. 


Simply put, Entertaining Events  makes it quick, easy and convenient for your guests to access the pertinent  details about your event.



Client event pages are either private or community event, but always complimentary! 

 Entertaining Events... we LIVE and NEED to exceed your expectations! 


Lisa Paul

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